the problem with memory

  • The Problem with (my) Memory

    If my memory could be likened to a photographic process, it would be one that pre-dates the discoveries of Daguerre, Niepce and Fox-Talbot: it is a camera-obscura where impressions appear upside down and back to front and where they are impossible to make permanent. 

    In 2014, I travelled to New Zealand.  I captured lots of quick images using my smart phone, but also wanted to record on film what I saw and what touched me.  I decided that the best way to capture my impressions of New Zealand and that would reflect my inability to fix memory was to use a 35mm pinhole camera.  I wanted the images to be ethereal and vague and offer gentle prompts to recollect experiences, rather than be simply descriptive.

    I then decided, that for the whole memory/not memory thing to work,  I needed to leave the films unprocessed for a couple of years.  Great idea, Denise.  The only problem is that over the course of the twenty four months, I have forgotten where most of the films are (or have lost them...)  Ironic really.  So, the result of this memory/photography experiment: one film and the following selection.

    Self portrait: