The Little Barn Retreat

In 2014 I spent a month in France and on the first night we camped on the shores of the Loire and I fell in love.  I started to look in estate agent windows and began dreaming of having a place to call my own.  It didn't take long for the ideas of 'a place of one's own' to transmute into a fully fledged artists' retreat centre where people could visit for relaxation and maybe even workshops.

Three years on and I was still talking about having a property/retreat centre and my friend sent me the details to a tiny place in the Haute Vienne. 

I had an offer accepted on it in October, 2017 and on March 2nd, 2018 it became officially mine. The Little Barn will also double up as an occasional gallery and for a few weeks a year, it will serve as a retreat for photographers, artists and writers: individuals will be able to use it as a base to think, rest and create.  The idea is that the offical 'artists in residence' will in exchange give something to the community and either run a workshop, open the gallery to show work, give an artists' talk or performance...  You get the idea.

Work has started, but it's going to take longer than I had hoped... And it is a lot smaller than I imagined!


March 2nd, 2018.  SOLD!