The Little Barn Little Bursary 2019

  • Bursaries 2019 Awarded!

    Thank you to everyone who got in touch about the 2019 Little Barn Bursaries.  It was really lovely to hear from some very talented photographers and I am only sorry that we weren't able to help more people attend workshops.

    In the end, the original pot of £300 was bumped up to £500 by a generous donation from a photographic artist (who wishes to remain anonymous.)  I've also dipped into the Little Barn renovation fund (otherwise known as my salary) to offer a few extra smaller bursaries...  So, all in all, this year the bursaries will subsidise workshops for five photographers in both the UK and overseas.  

    Applications for bursaries are now closed for 2019.  Keep an eye on Twitter in early 2020 to find out about the next round when we will be teaming up with specific workshop providers.  Exciting things are ahead!

  • Bursary Information


    The Little Barn Bursary for 2019 is a small amount of cash to help a female photographer attend a workshop designed to develop her practice and provide useful networking opportunities.  

    If you have a workshop in mind and want to apply for the bursary, please get in touch and tell me about yourself, your work, what you want the money for and how it will help you.  (Please note that the bursary is to help with workshop costs, not travel to the workshop.)


    Workshops can cost thousands and you need to know that the Little Barn Bursary won’t really make a dent in the cost of one taking place somewhere fancy.  So, if you need the bursary to cover the majority of the costs, you need to find one that would be around the £250 - £300.00 mark.  

    Finally, please remember that the aim of the bursary is to help a female photographer and preferably one who really would benefit from the award.  

    Best wishes to you and thank you for your interest.


    p.s. Exciting news!  On March 24th a rather wonderful photographic artist who wishes to remain anonymous offered to add £200 to the bursary pot.  This means that The Little Barn Bursary has now become The Little Barn Bursaries.  Plural!