Residency and Bursary News

  • 'I just wanted to say thank you for the bursary to attend the workshop at Magnum this weekend. It was absolutely brilliant, I learned a lot, met lots of lovely photographers and commissioners, and feel much more confident about my work... It was great to hear that my work is interesting and valuable from industry professionals.'

    The first recipient of a (little) Little Barn Bursary
  • Applications for First Bursaries Closed

    Thank you to those who got in touch about the small bursaries on offer.  I am delighted to say that two photographers are having the cost of Magnum workshops subsidised this time around. 

  • Bursaries from The Little Barn

    As part of The Little Barn project, small bursaries are going to be avilable each year to help photographers and artists participate in workshops.

    The first one is being offered to help support one photographer attend the Magnum 'Personal Projects' workshop in July.  For details - see here:

    If you are very keen to go and think it will really help you to develop your practice, please get in touch to find out more about how The Little Barn Project may be able to help make the workshop more affordable for you.

    You can email me here:

    Best wishes to you,