Graduating in 2015

  • Post General Anaesthetic Graduate Picks

    My lovely friends at Darwin have selected their pick of the top graduates of 2015, so since I am at home recovering from a small op and still have a little of the general anaesthetic cruising through my veins, I thought I would play along and pick some too.

    Off to Source Graduate on line I headed.  I started off by scanning the thumbnails (no doubt missing lots of good stuff), clicked on those that looked good small and once I had had a no particular order selected:

    Katie Eleanor of University of Westminster for her creepily beautiful Saint Wanderer's Hospital series.

    Alan Knox from the Glasgow School of Art for using his grandfather's ashes in a way that speaks of death and eternity and the beauty of life.  Transformative photograms. Universal Sympathy is the project's name.

    A clever way of making me think about the confusions of Dementia, and very smart 'product' photos too from Edinburgh's Kinga Kocimska and Dementia.

    Also from Edinburgh, the slick Fashionista shots of Anneleen Lindsay are beauties.

    I can't quite make my mind up about Eleni Laparidou's Bell Bearers.  Some of the set are definitely intriguing and I'd like to see prints... Oh - she's also from Edinburgh!

    The materiality of Madhava Bence Kalmar's The Room of Isidore would be worth seeing, I think.

    Mike Parr's Opa is particularly sensitive.

    There's something fun about these instagram portraits.  Did Helen B Burroughs have some sort of algorithm to help her put Instalife together?

    Was Sophie Miller inspired by Helen Sear?  Not sure, but I bet these are lovely in real life. 

    Final pick is from Newport.  I just had to choose Seba Bruno.  Seeing the work on the wall at the degree show was a real treat.

    p.s. Mira Andres has the most stunning portrait in her set.  Just saying.

    If you haven't checked out Source Graduate on line just yet, do so here.