Fundraising for The Little Barn Gallery

  • A sneaky peak at #secretprintsale

    A sneaky peak at #secretprintsale

    Some of the first batch of prints being sent out into the world as part of the fundraising effort for The Little Barn.

    Interested in helping to fit out the gallery space (all donations will go towards setting up the gallery with lighting, a hanging system for work, a projector and bookshelves for the photobook library?)

    For a suggested donation of £20.00 or €25.00 Euros, you will be sent a 'surprise' print.  I won't even know which one you are going to get (the 20 on offer at the moment will be ready for postage before any random selection is made.)

    If you would like to join in - then please contact me via email

    Here's to helping make The Little Barn amazing!

    Thank you.



  • The 'Secret Print' Fundraiser is NOW!

    Fancy a little philanthropic flutter - where you take a little gamble and expand your art collection whilst helping out the fundraising efforts that will transform a small barn into The Little Barn retreat/gallery? 

    Want to get your hands on a print made by a Photography graduate from a world famous course?  

    For a minimum donation of £20.00 you will receive a 'secret print' (well, a surprise print anyway.)  

    The print might have been made by me from one of my own negatives, or it might have been produced by a fellow graduate from USW Newport or Cardiff.

    The majority of my prints were created in the analogue darkroom of the Caerleon campus; work by other photographers/artists may be digital.  Some of the prints I am offering will belong to the All England Waits series.

    There are twenty prints on offer in this first #secretprintsale.

    If you want to help fundraise for The Little Barn whilst at the same time getting something that may just be a one off...  Then please get in touch.

    p.s.  All of the prints will be packaged ready for postage and even I won't know  exactly which one is in which tube...

    p.p.s. The photo is of the 'gallery' space in The Little Barn...

    The rear of the ground floor.