Fundraising for The Little Barn Gallery

  • The 'Secret Print' Fundraiser

    The ground floor of The Little Barn will be a living/social space and gallery/community space where visiting artists and photographers will be able to show work, give talks, run small workshops and do all sorts of lovely creative things.  In order to 'kit it out' with an appropriate display/hanging system, exhibition lighting, a projector and bookcases for the photobook library I would like to raise some funds.  My little Etsy shop isn't doing so well at the moment, so I have polled the 'Friends of The Little Barn' and have decided to organise a 'Secret Print' sale...

    Since becoming part of the Newport Doc Phot Family (now the USW Doc Phot Family) I have been lucky enough to have swapped, collected and purchased a number of prints from fellow Documentary Photography students and graduates and along with my own work I have more prints than I could ever get framed.  I am not really interested in amassing a collection that stays hidden away, so I would like to give supporters of The Little Barn the opportunity to bring another photographic print into their homes.  The twist is, that anyone donating to the gallery fundraising appeal in this way won't know anything about the print they are getting.  It will be totally random.

    Interested?  Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and look out for #secretprintsale

    The rear of the ground floor.