adventures in photography

  • Once I was a little girl

    Once, when I was a little girl, we lived in Hong Kong: well, the New Territories to be exact.  I recently bought some slides from Ebay as according to the vendor they dated from 1969.  We moved there in 1971.  I think there are probably thousands of copies of these in dusty boxes across the globe, but I still thought I would share them with you.  Here are the first couple:

  • pinhole adventures

    I have a 5 x 7 pinhole camera made from cherry wood.  It is very simple and rather lovely.  As sheet film and processing is expensive, I thought I might play with a 35mm pinhole instead.  I bought a cap from an Ebay seller and added it to the OM-1 I got 32 years ago...

    I looked around for some film, but remembered that I had given all of my 35mm away during my final year at Newport; it was raffled off to raise cash for our final degree show publication.  A couple of years ago, my brother bought me a batch of Lomography slide film, so I used that.

    I couldn't find any information on line about recpiprocity failure and Lomo film; so all was experimental.  This shot made in my mum's garden is one of the images from that first roll of film.